A day on the beach with no wind is better than a day in the office!!

Eat, Sleep, Kite….REPEAT!!

“This site is under development but we hope it will become an awesome resource for all our fellow kiters worldwide.”

Lots of things to come....watch this space.
The Crew

World Wide Kitespots

With the help of the global kiting community we will build a knowledgebase of kitespots aroound the world, featuring the good, the bad and the ugly.


We will feature the kit you need, and of course the coll stuff you don’t really need….but you do really!! 


We are going to try to bring together all of the kiting community to make sure you know what is going on, when and where.

(This is the official GKA Freestyle World Cup promo video for the 2019 event in Fuerteventura – all credit to them for the video and the event)

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Keep in touch....

Hey, lets keep in touch.

Send us your name and email address and we will keep you posted on developments.

We promise we will keep your email safe and only use it to keep you informed about the development of the site, and perhaps on occasion to ask you what you want to see here.

Thanks loads, stay safe and may the wind gods always be with you.

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